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if i sold my soul for a bag of gold...

Aug. 28th, 2029

03:07 pm - the return of the Letter

well, i'm here again, all healthy and well...um, i'm not sure if anyone still reads this anymore, have i become old entertainment? am i really no better than reality TV and cop shows? eeh gad, i hope not!

anyway, just thought i'd pop on and say hi, if people still read this please add a post so i know and i may well continue to update it, so anyone who still finds my unique, cynical and eccentric style of personality not out of fashion, let me know and hopefully i'll do something about it...maybe not tho, but most likely.

oh i have a myspace, i'm keeping up with the kids :P www.myspace.com/mindlessblur

sooo, i moved the other week, i have a real house now so yay, i live with a friend who has the net and all, go me! :D raaaah

anyway, i'll keep you all posted if theres anyone still around to keep posted...hope to hear from y'all soon


Current Mood: curiouscurious

Jul. 31st, 2029

01:18 am - thirty-first of july, two thousand and five

i'm sure i have bi-polar emotional disorder, or at least theres something chemically wrong in my brain...i just don't know, i need help :(.

01:12 am - thirty-first of july, two thousand and five


Need you
Dream you
Find you
Taste you
Fuck you
Use you
Scar you
Break you
Lose me
Hate me
Smash me
Erase me
Kill me


Current Mood: depresseddeep-seeded depression

Jul. 30th, 2029

12:53 am - thirtyth of july, two thousand and five

well, i'm back again for a short time to update all of you wonderful people on my life, i'm doing wonderful, apart from the fact that fiona (long time readers will know fiona was the girl who i intended to marry) found another bf, oh well easy come easy go, i gained and lost a job at sanity and i now live alone in a bungalo in the back yard of a familys house, sounds stale, i know, but its not...so there.
well, anyway, i'm sitting here in my mates room, petey, he used to live at res (for all you long time readers...again) and jim (lives at res still) are playing burnout3 on the xbox and i'm sitting at the comp writing this...we have many goodies such as cheesles and KFC. its so good seeing petey again and chillin with the guys, i haven't seen him in sooo long, its the first time in ages we haven't got high while chillin but i like it cuz its a chance to catch up and just be friends again.
Its weird chillin with these friends again, cuz last year i lived with them and saw them every single day, now they're not a part of my everyday life i can't understand how i just seemed to take them for granted without even meaning it. it's weird realising i lived with them, they were house mates and.......anyway, some faggot 80's song got it right when they sang "you don't know what its got til its gone".
anyway, enough soppy shizzit, i've kinda run outta stuff to write, how sad...i've been gone for over 6 months and i only have enough for a stale ass tiny update, oh well, i guess its better than nothing, oh also, i'm a lot happier than a was for the past year and a half, i've decided the only person who can make me happy is me, not everyone else, so i'm taking it upon myself to get a healthy mind and body...yay for me, ok, i'll update soon-ish when you all think i'm dead again and surprise you with my alive-ness. Have a good one.

Dec. 1st, 2028

06:07 pm - first of december, two thousand and four

hey guys, me again, just had a bad day is all, i'm fine n dandy now tho..........oh and by the way i appreciate all the comments.


today i went to mini golf with fiona, it was damn fresh, the whole course was set up in a mill. hmmm, you all know i'm alive now so i go back to hermiting for a while, oh wait i'm moving back home in colaca on friday cuz we haven't found anywhere to live yet so i'll be on the net a fair bit over the next 2 months, then i'm hopefully coming back to geelong.....i can't stay in colac too long, i'll die :P

Current Mood: energeticentertained

Nov. 23rd, 2028

06:21 pm - november 23rd, 2004

i hate my life and everything in it, right now i feel like smashing everything that has ever been created. i feel like un-doing everything that has ever happened in the world, i want to be anti-matter, i want to be the anti-christ, i want to be dead.

Aug. 18th, 2028

12:49 pm - eighteenth August, two thousand and four

i know i'm going to regret this, but i don't care who reads this, as long as the one person thats MENT to does.

Minna, i love you, theres different ways we can work this out.

anyone who doesn't know minna shes a girl from ohio that i've never met before, and yes, we fell in love over the net, so theres no REAL contact or anything, so you have no right to get jealous, i'm going now, anyone who wants to slag on me go ahread, its what i deserve.

12:34 pm - eighteenth August, two thousand and four

i wish i didn't have to live with this life, i want to be able to fix it all, but i can't, i'm weak cuz i'm stuck :(

Aug. 3rd, 2028

12:04 pm - Third of August, two thousand and four.

the idea that theres one person for everyone in the world is rediculous. i mean seriously, theres like 6 billion people in the world, to think that only one person is out there that will make you truly happy is an insult to the human race and free will.....i don't know what i mean by this or why i'm writing it, but i am and you're reading it, which makes you just as bad as me.
the end

two good names for a fake I.D:
1) Johnny Root
2) Haggas McBoner

Current Mood: groggyscattered

Jul. 29th, 2028

12:25 pm

is anyone else old enough to remember the REAL dolmio pasta sauce guy? NOT the puppet, the gfuy that the puppet was modelled over? what ever happened to him? did he die or something? just curious
love jhay (tries trendy spelling of name to appear as though he has more class)

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